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Wise Sayings of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) - Part 4

Wise sayings - Part 4
 From Prophet’s (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam’s) Ahadith and Sunnah

(1) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam)  said, "A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers.  (Bukhari 7/27 Book 62, Hadith 27)

(2) Narrated Ibn 'Umar: Evil omen was mentioned before the Prophet: The Prophet (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam)  said, "If there is evil omen (omen means àgood or bad sign/warning for future) in anything, it is in the house, the woman and the horse."  (Bukhari 7/31 Book 62 Hadith 31)

(3) Narrated 'Aisha: When the Prophet (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam)  married me, my mother came to me and made me enter the house where I saw some women from the Ansar who said, "May you prosper and have blessings and have good omen." (Bukhari 7/86 Book 62 Hadith 86)

(4) Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam) said to me, "Recite the whole Qur'an in one month's time." I said, "But I have power (to do more than that)." Allah's Apostle said, "Then finish the recitation of the Qur'an in seven days, and do not finish it in less than this period." (Bukhari 6/574 Book 61, Hadith 574)

(5) Narrated Imran: The Prophet (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam) said, "I looked at Paradise and saw that the majority of its residents were the poor; and I looked at the (Hell) Fire and saw that the majority of its residents were women."  (Bukhari 7/126 Book 62, Hadith 126 Muslim 36 /6597 The Book of heart melting traditions-Kitab Al-Riqaq)

(6)Haritha b. Wahb al-KhuzaIi reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam) as saying: May I not inform you about the inmates of Paradise? (And then informing about them) said: Every meek person who is considered to be humble and if they were to adjure in the name of Allah, Allah would certainly fulfil it. May I not inform you about the inmates of Hell-Fire? They are all proud, mean and haughty. (Muslim 40 /6835 The Book pertaining to Paradise-Kitab Al-Jannat wa sifaat Na’imihah wa ahliha)

(7) Narrated 'Aisha: Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam)  used to love sweet edible things and honey. (Bukhari 7/342 Book 65, Hadith 342)

(8) Uthman b. 'Affan said: I heard Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam) as saying: He who builds a mosque for Allah, Allah would build for him (a house) in Paradise like it.(Muslim 42 /7110 The Book pertaining to Piety and softening of Hearts-Kitab Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raqa’iq)

(9) Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam)said: When any one of you utters tashahhud (in prayer) he must seek refuge with Allah from four (trials) and should thus say:" O Allah! I seek refuge with Thee from the torment of the Hell, from the torment of the grave, from the trial of life and death and from the evil of the trial of Masih al-Dajjal" (Antichrist). (Muslim 004 /1217 The Book of Prayers-Kitab Al-Salat)

(10) Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: A person asked Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu-A’layhi-Wasallam) . "What (sort of) deeds in or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" He replied, "To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you don't know." (Bukhari 1/27 Book 2, Hadith 27)

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